About ASim2024

ASim2024 is an international conference will bring together top researchers and outstanding students from Asia who are working on building performance simulation as well as social challenges related to decarbonization and AI, and on the fundamentals and applications of advanced technologies from an architectural and urban perspective. Attendees are mainly researchers and students from Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

The organizer of Asim2024 is the Japanese Branch of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (commonly known as IBPSA). IBPSA holds an international conference entitled Building Simulation (abbreviated BS) every two years, but in years when Building Simulation is not held, the Asian IBPSA affiliates organizes the Asia Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association (ASim). ASim has been held four times so far in Shanghai-China (2012), Nagoya-Japan (2014), Jeju-Korea (2016), HongKong (2018).

The most important ASim feature is that it is a friendly conference for students and researchers who have not had the opportunity to gain international experience before. The participants are mostly students, researchers and practitioners from the Asian region. Even those who have not presented at an international conference before can contribute to the conference if they arrive on the day with good preparation. The conference can also create and provide opportunities for young researchers to chair and lead discussions, and can be a stepping stone for them to become active internationally. For students, the interactions with other Asian students will be stimulating. For corporate participants, we believe it will provide a networking opportunity to connect with talented Asian students and researchers from other Asian countries who are conducting active research.

ASim2024 welcomes the active participation of students, young practitioners and others who are interested in gaining experience!

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